The Wiki Guide to PHP aims to have a range of php tutorials available for everyone just starting to code, all the way to professional software developers. For the lack of content use this tutorial about the basics of PHP. A more complex tutorial will follow. If you are familiar to PHP feel free to contribute in one or more of the tutorials listed below:

The Basics

These are the very basics of PHP. If you haven't worked or not even heard of PHP before this is the place to start. You will get some infos about PHP itself and it's history. Then you will learn how to install and configure PHP as you like.

Get Started

After getting PHP to work you will probaly like to learn how to use it. You start with the basic syntax of the PHP language, the use of variables, control structures and functions.

Advanced PHP

For the more advanced users and these that got through the rest of the tutorial here are some advanced informations.


Last, but not least security! This is for all users of PHP, beginners or advanced. When programming in PHP you should always try to create secure programs.

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