Welcome to The Wiki Guide to PHP!
The Wiki Guide To PHP is an attempt to gather information on the PHP language for a wide range of people. Everything like the Tutorials, the function informations and the Wiki scripts are free to use for everyone. Everyone is welcome to read and contribute.

This wiki has a portal on the Programmer's Wiki.

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  • We need your help to properly wrap code. Please place all PHP code between <syntaxhighlight lang="php"></syntaxhighlight> tags.
  • Please report all malicious code on this page.
  • Featured Function

    This weeks featured function is die

    For a list of all function descriptions available on PHP Wiki go see the Functions category.

    Current collaboration
    Currently, we need your help bringing more content to the site. If you know PHP good enough to contibute feel free to write tutorials! You can also add information on how PHP functions work!

    To do list:
    • Add a listing on a php function! Check and see Category:Functions to create a listing.
    • Wrap all code in the proper syntax highlighting tags.
    • Dispose of all malicious code.